Jill Hackman Photography offers senior portraits, business head shots, and family portraits at an affordable price.  

Session fees start at $225 and sessions run anywhere from 1 hour for standard portrait sessions up to 4 hours for newborn sessions!  Call or email to find out more information on specific session fees and what they include.

Once you've booked your session, the next step is our pre-session consultation.  We talk about what your style is, where you want to display your photos, and who the photos are for. I'll give you an idea of what to expect during your portrait session.  We'll also go over locations, outfit ideas, and color schemes so that your photos will best reflect you or your family's style! 

Seniors--be sure to bring items that reflect who you are at this stage of your life!  Whether your passion is ballet, soccer, or chess...we can incorporate those interests in your photo session.  Bring a variety of outfits, too.  You might want a few nice outfits for the family wall portrait, but don't forget the college gear and the outfits that reflect your own personal style.  Get creative!

Families--especially when your goal is to have a portrait you can hang on the wall for years to come, make sure everyone is on the same page clothing-wise.  It helps to pick 2-3 colors to loosely base outfits on. That way everyone looks cohesive without getting too matchy-matchy.  This is where I come in--I can even help pick a color scheme that complements the space where you'll be hanging your portraits!

For babies/children--Be sure to bring extra changes of clothes, some snacks, and some of their favorite toys!  I always try to bring a few props depending on what we discuss during the consultation, but it helps to have some of their own toys on hand to make them more comfortable.

Business headshots-- Please call or email me for pricing.  I offer a variety of options for business head shots, from one person to an entire company, and the pricing is specially tailored to what you or your company are looking for.  I have a full range of mobile studio lighting and backdrops that I bring on-location for any type of look.


For more information or to schedule a session, please call or email me! I would love to work with you!